Instant Family

Following their collaboration on Daddy’s Home, director Sean Anders again teams with Mark Wahlberg for another comedy set within a unconventional family unit. In this instance, the blended family of their previous collaboration makes way for a group of foster kids placed into the care of a clueless couple whose good intentions are overwhelmed by the sheer […]

Juliet, Naked

Having carved out a Hollywood career of some 15+ years, actress Rose Byrne probably hasn’t received the credit she deserves. She certainly hasn’t developed the profile that fellow Aussie actresses such as Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, Naomi Watts and, more recently, Margot Robbie, currently enjoy, yet she has seamlessly switched between drama (The Place Beyond […]

Bad Neighbours 2

As a sequel to a film that didn’t set the bar very high, Bad Neighbours 2 didn’t have to do a lot to emerge as a superior film than its predecessor. Given that 2014’s Bad Neighbours was such a typical foray into the world of sexist, puerile fraternity culture, it is somewhat surprising that Bad […]

X-Men Apocalypse

In keeping with the 2016 tradition of comic book superheroes turning on each other, this X-Men escapade sees various mutants facing off in a battle to determine the fate of the planet (of course). The problem is that because this story is set in the 1980’s – between X-Men First Class (the fourth movie in […]

This is Where I Leave You

On one level, there is nothing particularly new about much of what This is Where I Leave You has to say about the resentments, rivalries and regrets that lurk beneath the surface of any family unit. Real world families are far from the idealised version portrayed in television programs such as The Waltons and The […]

Bad Neighbours

There have been myriad movies made that feature the chaos and craziness of fraternity life in American universities, from Animal House to Revenge of the Nerds to the abysmal Sorority Boys or the female-centric The House Bunny, this is a genre that has never really aimed too high. The latest entry into this mostly mediocre […]