The Favourite

Let’s be clear.  Queen Anne is the central character in this latest offering from Yorgos Lanthimos and Olivia Colman is the lead actress. In the midst of awards season, there has been much debate about which of the performers who feature as the three women at the centre of the narrative should be considered (or […]


Having launched her career with the double-whammy success of Mean Girls and The Notebook in 2004 and then spending most of the time since in somewhat insubstantial works before her Academy Award-nominated turn in Spotlight, this latest effort from Chilean director Sebastian Lelio sees Rachel McAdams deliver another knockout performance as Esti Kuperman, a wife […]


Watching Denial should make you angry. You should be angry that holocaust denier David Irving and others like him even exist, but you should be especially mad that Irving and his ilk have no obligation to support any of the claims they make with evidence. On the contrary, British law dictates that no matter how […]

The Light Between Oceans

When it comes to motion pictures, sometimes beautiful is not enough. Bringing two of the world’s most attractive (and talented) actors together in a gorgeous Australian setting seems like a recipe for something really special. Throw in a story adapted from a popular novel and you have all the ingredients for a remarkable cinematic experience; […]


This latest English-language effort for Italian director Paolo Sorrentino is a philosophical, funny and ultimately moving film that muses on all manner of things; aging, loneliness, family, friendship, life and death. Featuring fabulous performances from Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and an array of supporting players that include Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano and Jane Fonda, Youth […]

The Lobster

This first English language film from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is like nothing else you will see this year. It is based on a premise so kooky and utterly surreal that many might find it a somewhat alienating experience, but there is much to like. The Lobster is a commentary on the expectations around love […]