Instant Family

Following their collaboration on Daddy’s Home, director Sean Anders again teams with Mark Wahlberg for another comedy set within a unconventional family unit. In this instance, the blended family of their previous collaboration makes way for a group of foster kids placed into the care of a clueless couple whose good intentions are overwhelmed by the sheer […]

The Shape of Water

It is common knowledge that Guillermo del Toro loves monsters. The Mexican director has made no secret of the fact and his obsession has been articulated on screen before with the superb Pan’s Labyrinth and, to a lesser extent, in the two Hellboy movies. Having ventured, less successfully, into the more traditional horror and sci-fi […]

Hidden Figures

Whilst Hollywood might be running out of fictional ideas for new movies, Hidden Figures serves as a reminder that there are still an untold number of real life stories that can serve as inspiration for filmmakers. It can certainly be a challenge to make movies about the significant people and events from history that are […]


As was the case with Luc Besson’s most recent release Lucy, a considerable suspension of disbelief is required to secure maximum enjoyment from Snowpiercer, the first English-language offering from Korean director Joon-ho Bong. The latest in a seemingly endless reserve of post-apocalyptic narratives, Snowpiercer is a rollicking good ride for most of its duration, even […]