Instant Family

Following their collaboration on Daddy’s Home, director Sean Anders again teams with Mark Wahlberg for another comedy set within a unconventional family unit. In this instance, the blended family of their previous collaboration makes way for a group of foster kids placed into the care of a clueless couple whose good intentions are overwhelmed by the sheer […]

Deepwater Horizon

Peter Berg does not do subtle. The director of Hancock, Battleship and Lone Survivor is all about spectacle over substance, even when dealing with real life events such as the explosion that destroyed the oil rig from which this film gets its name that resulted in the death of 11 workers and the release of […]

Lone Survivor

Peter Berg makes films about blokes. From Friday Night Lights to The Kingdom to Battleship to his most recent effort Lone Survivor, Berg is very much a filmmaker who tells stories about men. His films deal with camaraderie, pride, endurance, heroism and sacrifice and, as such, Lone Survivor fits the bill perfectly. Returning to the […]