Green Book

It’s a situation we’ve seen a hundred times before, both in dramatic and comedic forms;  two people whose backgrounds are polar opposites come together in unusual circumstances, learning much about themselves and each other during their time together and discover that they are not so different after all. Inspired by a true story, Green Book is a […]

Hidden Figures

Whilst Hollywood might be running out of fictional ideas for new movies, Hidden Figures serves as a reminder that there are still an untold number of real life stories that can serve as inspiration for filmmakers. It can certainly be a challenge to make movies about the significant people and events from history that are […]


Anything I have to say about Moonlight is probably moot in light of it having been declared the best film of the year at the Academy Awards, but I must declare that I find this a surprising result, not because Moonlight isn’t a terrifically good motion picture, but because there are some aspects that don’t […]