With the obvious exception of writer/director Adam McKay, I find it hard to believe that anybody believed a biopic about former US Vice-President Dick Cheney would prove particularly interesting, let alone funny. Then again McKay has a history of making the mundane amusing and, with Vice, he has delivered insight into a notoriously private individual, […]

The Promise

War and military conflict have always proven fine fodder for cinema stories and there has been upwards of 200 films made capturing the horrors and heroics of World War 1 since the conflict ended in 1918. Of these, less than 20 have focussed on the Armenian Genocide of 1915 that saw more than 500 000 […]

Knight of Cups

Almost every filmmaker of note has reached a nadir in their career where they churn out something so bad that we begin to reassess all of the films they made beforehand with a newly formed sense of suspicion. Think Roman Polanski and The Ninth Gate or Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal or Ridley Scott’s The Counselor […]

American Hustle

Sometimes movies arrive in Australian cinemas on the back of intense critical acclaim and it can be difficult to reconcile the hyperbole with the reality of what you see. Often it seems that the involvement of a flavour-of-the-month director or the procurement of several A-list stars automatically renders the film something special regardless of whether […]