The Role of a Movie Location Scout

The Art of Foley

The evolution of the dolly zoom

The essentials of Gripping

180 degree rule

Sound Design

Three Point Lighting

Writing Outlines & Treatments



Framing and Composition

Lighting the Upstage Side of the Camera

A Whiteboard History of Storytelling

The following videos, created by BAFTA, are a series of presentations entitled “How I Write,” featuring established Hollywood screenwriters such as Tony Gilroy, Peter Morgan, Richard Curtis and other. The writers discuss preparation, drafting and re-writing, providing insight into their writing processes.

Soviet film director Vsevolod Pudovkin developed influential theories about film editing. In this video, Evan Richards uses clips from films such as 2001, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Godfather to demonstrate Pudovkin’s editing techniques.

Not strictly a tutorial, but a nice insight into photography as it used to be.

A montage of great examples of the use of steadicam in motion pictures.


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