The Death of Stalin

Anybody familiar with the work of Armando Iannucchi will know what to expect with this latest offering from the Scottish writer/director whose penchant for political satire is perhaps unparalleled amongst contemporary piss-takers. Having created, written and/or produced the likes of Alan Partridge, The Thick of It and Veep for television, The Death of Stalin is […]


Hot on the heels of Ladybird comes this French coming-of-age story that mines some of the same territory explored by Greta Gerwig in her Academy Award-nominated effort before veering off into something quite unique and distinctly European. Helmed by first-time feature director Léa Mysius, Ava is a stylish, accomplished exploration of mother-daughter relationships and teenage […]

Valley Crawl

In addition to a new look to the Mr C website, we are in the process up updating our galleries with images from the various music and cultural events staged across Brisbane and surrounding areas in recent months. The first collection of images comes from the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, the free music festival staged […]


Jean-Luc Godard may well be one of the truly great French filmmakers, but this latest offering from Academy Award-winning director Michael Hazanavicius (The Artist) focuses not on Godard’s screen legacy, but rather on his political activism in the late ‘60’s. Far from being reverential in its depictions of the protagonist, the film paints Godard as […]

Double Lover

Laden with ambiguities and stylistic flourishes reminiscent of David Cronenberg or Brian De Palma at his bonkers best, this latest offering from Francois Ozon (Swimming Pool, In the House) is a convoluted psychological thriller that is both unsettling and perversely funny with lashings of vigorous sex thrown in as Chloe – the protagonist of the […]

Mary Magdalene

So, you’ve just made a successful award-winning drama about a young Indian boy adopted by an Australian family who returns to his homeland some 20 years later in an effort to track down his parents. What do you do next? Well, if you are Lion director Garth Davis, you follow up with one of the […]

A Fantastic Woman

It seems that more and more of the best movies are being made outside the Hollywood studio system, if not outside of America altogether, and the fact that several, if not all, of the Best Foreign Film nominees at the 2018 Academy Awards were better than all of those contending for Best Film is testament […]