Captain Marvel

It seems every other month there is a new Marvel blockbuster arriving in cinemas and the latest addition to this seemingly endless roster of comic book adaptations is Captain Marvel, the first outing from the studio with a female in the lead role. To see Academy Award winner Brie Larsen make a move into the […]


Sometimes, despite having the very best ingredients, a master chef can occasionally dish up something that fails to tantalise the taste buds and the same applies with making movies. Even the best filmmakers sometimes find themselves concocting something that sounds delicious, but ultimately tastes like cardboard, and that is very much the case with this […]

Vox Lux

Natalie Portman has been a lot of things, pre-teen trainee assassin, prima ballerina, first lady, stripper, manic pixie dream girl, queen (both in 16th century England and a galaxy, far, far away) and Ashton Kutcher’s fuck buddy amongst them and, whilst she has delivered some remarkable performances throughout her career, her latest effort might just […]


Forget the Academy Awards and the films that were hailed as the so-called best of the last year, because this Lebanese production about a young boy trying to eke out an existence on the streets of Beirut is a remarkable piece of filmmaking that is better than any of those that contended for Best Picture […]

Stan & Ollie

It is an unfortunate reality that a large portion of any potential audience for this film will have no idea who the titular characters are, or any appreciation of their legacy as comedy performers.  Of course, you can watch the film and enjoy it without any prior knowledge of the real-life characters whose final years […]

If Beale Street Could Talk

When Barry Jenkins swept all before him to collect a swathe of awards for Moonlight, the success of the film meant that his next venture was always going to be a much anticipated project for which Jenkins would be subjected to intense scrutiny. Of course, it is unlikely Jenkins paid any heed to the expectations […]

Eighth Grade

It is impossible to understand how a 28-year-old male filmmaker has been able to craft such a heartbreakingly perceptive exploration of the trials and tribulations of a socially isolated 13-year-old girl trying to navigate her way through the final days of middle school. However, with Eighth Grade, actor and stand-up comedian Bo Burnham has done […]