Music, like all artistic endeavours, is one of those undertakings in which talent, work ethic, passion and commitment don’t necessarily equate to the level of success that an individual possessing such attributes might ordinarily enjoy.



One such example comes in the form of Brisbane singer/songwriter Sahara Beck, an immensely talented singer and performer who has garnered a strong following within the Brisbane music scene, but is yet to achieve the mainstream success she deserves (although I’m sure that is going to happen sooner, rather than later). With the release of her new single I Haven’t Done a Thing Today, Beck serves up a delicious pop-centric vibe that is both subversive, irresistibly catchy and a strong follow-up to her Here We Go Again release from last year.

Listen – I Haven’t Done a Thing Today

Sahara Beck will play the Ipswich Festival this Friday night (April 12), along with Bearfoot and Regurgitator.