Ralph Breaks the Internet

I’m not convinced that anybody involved with the creation and subsequent release of Wreck-it Ralph in 2012 ever really expected it to be the monster hit it would become. After all, this is a movie entrenched in video game arcade culture from the 80’s and 90’s that features references and character types that are largely […]

The Best of 2018 on Screen

Sure, it is a bit later than usual, but a list of the best movies of any given year is much more credible when delivered in January of the following year than it would be if presented in November (or even earlier in many cases), long before the year in question is even finished. So, […]

The Favourite

Let’s be clear.  Queen Anne is the central character in this latest offering from Yorgos Lanthimos and Olivia Colman is the lead actress. In the midst of awards season, there has been much debate about which of the performers who feature as the three women at the centre of the narrative should be considered (or […]

Cold War

There has been so much praise heaped upon Cold War since its release that I wonder if the hype has elevated the film so much that I was always destined to be underwhelmed. I mean, yes, the rich black and white photography is ravishing, the shot composition is quite sublime at times and even the […]


With the obvious exception of writer/director Adam McKay, I find it hard to believe that anybody believed a biopic about former US Vice-President Dick Cheney would prove particularly interesting, let alone funny. Then again McKay has a history of making the mundane amusing and, with Vice, he has delivered insight into a notoriously private individual, […]