If, as it has been claimed by many, Hereditary is the scariest movie of recent times, then perhaps that serves more as a reflection of what has preceded it, rather than an insight into what Ari Aster’s family psychodrama really has to offer. Yes, it is creepy and deeply unsettling at times, but simply labelling […]


Having launched her career with the double-whammy success of Mean Girls and The Notebook in 2004 and then spending most of the time since in somewhat insubstantial works before her Academy Award-nominated turn in Spotlight, this latest effort from Chilean director Sebastian Lelio sees Rachel McAdams deliver another knockout performance as Esti Kuperman, a wife […]

The Leisure Seeker

It must be the season for road movies with this effort from Italian director Paolo Virzi following hot on the heels of American Folk and Kodachrome in that the central narrative premise here is also a road trip across the United States, which in this case takes a north to south trajectory from Massachusetts to […]


  This second feature from Mark Raso is an infuriating example of the predictability that afflicts the film making industry today. Inspired by the New York Times article For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas by A.G. Salzberger, the premise is one full of potential as a meaningful examination of dysfunctional father-son […]


With every new Star Wars movie comes the nonsense that permeates the media, both of the mainstream and social kind. Alas, such has been the case with Solo to the point where any anticipation you may have is tempered by the flurry of commentary, most of which is premature, ill-informed and based on assumptions as […]

Deadpool 2

Given his history as a stunt performer and coordinator for more than 20 years prior to his directorial debut with Atomic Blonde, David Leitch seems a reasonable enough choice as director given that the Deadpool 2 is filled to the brim with elaborate stunts and CGI-fuelled action sequences. In fact, there is nothing in this […]