Lady Bird

If you grew up poor in a constant state of embarrassment about your circumstances, you will be able to relate to Lady Bird. If you had a mother who would be constantly telling you that you will never achieve anything in life, you will be able to relate to Lady Bird. If you were ever […]

Black Panther

This latest addition to the Marvel pantheon is as good as anything the studio has produced, delivering the requisite technical wizardry with a story that is highly relevant at a time when the American president has declared that white supremacists can be good people and when African-Americans and other non-white ethnicities continue to be subjected […]

Finding Your Feet

I dare say that I have said this before, but Hollywood could learn a lot from the English film industry with regard to creating roles for older actors and this latest effort from Richard Loncraine follows in the footsteps of other recent releases such as Hampstead, The Lady in the Van, The Time of Their […]

Phantom Thread

Daniel Day-Lewis has never seemed particularly enamoured with acting as a career and has certainly never shown any interest in the trappings that come with the level of success he has achieved as a performer. With three Academy Awards and a slew of other accolades across a career spanning 30+ years, Day-Lewis is indisputably one […]

Sweet Country

After the international acclaim that (quite rightfully) came his way upon the release of Samson and Delilah in 2009, any subsequent directorial outing for Warwick Thornton was always going to garner plenty of interest, both from those desperate to declare his debut a mere fluke and from those genuinely excited to see what he would […]

I, Tonya

There are a lot of frustrations to endure in watching I, Tonya, but the hardest to bear is without doubt the fact that Australian director Craig Gillespie, in cahoots with writer Steven Rogers, has painted disgraced ice skater Tonya Harding as much a victim, if not more so, than the rival whose beating she helped […]