The Salesman

Stunningly realised from the opening moments to the final frame, The Salesman is a thoroughly engrossing and perfectly performed work from one of the most gifted directors working today. A mesmerising psychological and moral drama about guilt and the pursuit of vengeance from Iranian film maker Asghar Farhadi, The Salesman is the latest in a […]

Live Music Moments

There is always plenty of live music options in Brisbane on any given weekend and last Friday night (March 24) saw both Ivey and Gooch Palms amongst those delivering FREE shows in Fortitude Valley.    A selection of images from both shows are in the gallery.  

Kong: Skull Island

  To save you some time – both in needing to read the rest of this review and seeing the movie – let me say straight up that there is very little to recommend the latest take on the King Kong mythology, yet another big screen incarnation of a character who first appeared some 80 […]

T2: Trainspotting

It is a great credit to Danny Boyle that T2: Trainspotting looks and feels like a logical extension to the film that precedes it. Sequels are often too far removed from the events of the original to be seen as anything more than just another story set in the same place and featuring the same […]


Jeff Nichols first appeared on the independent film landscape in 2007 with the well received Shotgun Stories, a family drama set in rural Arkansas starring Michael Shannon and made for just $250 000. He garnered further critical notice with his subsequent films – Take Shelter (2001) and Mud (2012) – before securing studio backing for […]


Praised for its ‘indie aesthetic’ and hailed by some as ‘groundbreaking‘, and by others as an ‘awards contender’, the third stand-alone Wolverine movie and tenth overall in the X-Men franchise has sparked considerable buzz amongst critics and commentators since its release, with declarations that Logan is a ‘new breed of comic book movie’ or the […]

Hidden Figures

Whilst Hollywood might be running out of fictional ideas for new movies, Hidden Figures serves as a reminder that there are still an untold number of real life stories that can serve as inspiration for filmmakers. It can certainly be a challenge to make movies about the significant people and events from history that are […]