Anything I have to say about Moonlight is probably moot in light of it having been declared the best film of the year at the Academy Awards, but I must declare that I find this a surprising result, not because Moonlight isn’t a terrifically good motion picture, but because there are some aspects that don’t […]

Toni Erdmann

It would doing a considerable disservice to describe Toni Erdmann simply as a film “about a prankster father who tries to soften his uptight daughter” because this is merely the narrative framework through which writer/director Maren Ade  explores a whole range of issues, not the least of which is the absurdity of modern life. Difficult […]

Mountain Goat Moments

Despite sweltering heat in Brisbane on Saturday, plenty of people flocked to Fortitude Valley to take in a feast of free live music as part of the 2017 Mountain Goat Valley Crawl. With 20 artists across five venues, there was plenty of variety on offer throughout the night for music lovers of all persuasions. Those […]

Valley Music Crawl on Saturday

If a night of free live music featuring  25 local and interstate artists across multiple venues sounds like the perfect night out, then Fortitude Valley is the place to be this Saturday night (February 11) for the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl. The 2017 event features a great line-up of performers, including what will be only […]

A United Kingdom

Whilst first and foremost a love story, A United Kingdom is unapologetic in its portrayal of the impact and influence of British colonialism in Africa and, in particular, the collusion between Britain and South Africa in an effort to dictate the social, political, cultural and economic structures in Botswana, or the Bechuanaland Protectorate as it […]

Manchester by the Sea

If Kenneth Lonergan’s three films as director tell us anything, it is that the filmmaker, playwright and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter has no interest in making us feel good. Lonergan is a master at presenting damaged characters who are often emotionally disconnected from the world around them, utterly unlikeable and, at times, almost unbearable in their social dysfunction. […]