I, Daniel Blake

The adage that declares “the simple things in life are often the best” is one that can be applied to pretty much any endeavour in life and it certainly rings true when it comes to filmmaking. Often, movies become too complicated and convoluted in their desire to be all things to all people and it […]


If you like your science-fiction filled with warp speed action in galaxies far, far away, then Arrival might not be your cup of tea. However, if you like intelligent sci-fi set on present-day Earth, this may well be exactly what you are looking for. More akin to Close Encounters of the Third Kind than War […]

Nocturnal Animals

If nothing else, Nocturnal Animals tells us that money most certainly does not buy happiness. A ridiculously wealthy art gallery manager, Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) lives in a stark modernist mansion that possesses all the (superficial) trappings of success, yet she is seemingly devoid of any joy in her life. She is no longer passionate […]

BAPFF Begins This Month

The Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival is on again later this month with a vast array of features, documentaries and short films on the program, which runs from November 23 to December 4. The screening schedule includes more than 80 films from Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond, including retrospectives and special programs. One such program strand is  Transcending the Inevitable: […]

Hell or High Water

Usually seen in slick blockbuster fare, it takes a while to get used to Chris Pine as Toby Howard, a desperate Texas cowboy on a mission to save the family property following the death of his mother. The fact that Toby has opted for an unconventional approach to raising the necessary funds to save the […]

The Light Between Oceans

When it comes to motion pictures, sometimes beautiful is not enough. Bringing two of the world’s most attractive (and talented) actors together in a gorgeous Australian setting seems like a recipe for something really special. Throw in a story adapted from a popular novel and you have all the ingredients for a remarkable cinematic experience; […]