For more than 50 years, the World Press Photo competition has celebrated the highest standards in photojournalism, rewarding photographers for the best single exposure photographs of each year. Every year, the very best images from around the world are acknowledged and exhibited, not only showcasing the talents of international photojournalists, but also serving  as a powerful indictment about the state of the world and allows us access to people, places and events that might otherwise be beyond our reach.

World Press Photo

The World Press Photo competition is a celebration of the power of photography to capture history and the events that shape the world. Often harrowing, but always insightful, the exhibition delivers access to tragedy and triumph from across all geographic, social, political and cultural spectrums.

Image by Christian Bobst

This 59th year of the competition saw 5775 photographers from 128 countries submit more than 82 000 images and  and it was a photograph by Australian photographer Warren Richardson that the jury selected as the World Press Photo of the Year.

The World Press Photo Competition exhibition, which travels to 45 countries and is seen by more than 3.5 million people each year, is on now at Brisbane Powerhouse and continues until August 21.