World Press Photo

For more than 50 years, the World Press Photo competition has celebrated the highest standards in photojournalism, rewarding photographers for the best single exposure photographs of each year. Every year, the very best images from around the world are acknowledged and exhibited, not only showcasing the talents of international photojournalists, but also serving  as a powerful indictment about […]

Student Film Showcase

Check out a series of short films by a bunch of young filmmakers at The Monster Within at Queensland Academy of Creative Industries (QACI) on Thursday, August 4.  Having explored early 20th-century European filmmaking, students have drawn on their study of Avant Garde, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism and Neo-Realism film movements in creating a production of […]

A Perfect Day

It is very difficult to understand why a film such as this has received such scant distribution in Australia, currently playing on just one screen in Brisbane despite a top notch cast in a story that remains highly relevant at a time when people continue to suffer as a result of ongoing conflicts that rage […]

Maggie’s Plan

This fifth feature from writer-director Rebecca Miller is a surprising delight. With Maggie’s Plan, Miller subverts the traditional love triangle dynamic to deliver a droll treatise on love and friendship in contemporary New York. This is a smart, immensely enjoyable romantic comedy, thanks largely to another wonderfully naturalistic performance from Greta Gerwig as the titular […]

The Devil’s Candy

Screening as part of the Queensland Film Festival, The Devil’s Candy is a highly stylised horror flick from Australian director Sean Byrne, coming some six years after his well received debut feature The Loved Ones. In many ways, The Devil’s Candy is a fairly typical haunted house tale in which a family find themselves terrorised […]

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Every day we see people do things that we don’t understand. Make choices that are hard to fathom. Hell, we even do it ourselves; make decisions and engage in all manner of things that we later live to regret. If nothing else, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates serves as a reminder that even those […]


Combining humour, drama and social commentary to great effect, it is not surprising that Mustang was amongst the nominees for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2016 Academy Awards. Furthermore, it is not surprising that this has been compared with Sofia Coppola’s 1999 directorial debut The Virgin Suicides as there are certainly similarities in that […]