Midnight Special

If you like your movies neatly packaged with everything spelled out – plot, motivations, relationships and the like – then Midnight Special is probably not for you. The best sci-fi’s are loaded with ambiguity and uncertainty and that is the case here. A lot of what goes on in this latest offering from writer/director Jeff Nichols […]

The Qube Effect

A variety of Queensland bands took part in The Qube Effect in Fortitude Valley on Sunday (April 17) as part of National Youth Week Celebrations. Presented by Brisbane City Council, The Qube Effect featured a series of live music performances throughout the day on the Brunswick Street Mall stage, with each participating band/artist also afforded […]


The fact that the breathtaking technical accomplishment of Victoria might easily go unnoticed by the average cinemagoer is a huge credit to director Sebastian Schipper, cinematographer Sturla Brandth Grovlen and the cast of performers that execute this one-shot thriller with faultless precision. Yep, over two hours of action, all in one take; no cuts. This […]

The Daughter

Given its title, there is no doubting who the key figure is in this delicately unsettling Australian drama set in a small Australian town that, for years, has relied on the local timber mill for its economic survival. Adapted from Henrik Isben’s play The Wild Duck by Simon Stone and featuring a slew of terrific […]