Undoubtedly the best movie about newspaper journalism since All the President’s Men, Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight is a powerful reminder of the importance of the fourth estate in the investigation and disclosure of malfeasance and misconduct within our social, political and religious institutions on a local, national and international level. In the investigation at the centre […]

The Peanuts Movie

Reactions to The Peanuts Movie will no doubt fluctuate enormously depending on one’s relationship with the comic strip created by Charles M Schultz some 65 years ago. There will be those who see this update of the iconic comic as sacrilegious and an affront to everything that is great about Peanuts, namely its simplistic yet […]

The Big Short

Making a comedy about an event that caused enormous heartache and hardship for many thousands of people is a tough task. Yet, that is exactly what Adam McKay has set out to do with The Big Short, an exploration of the collapse of the American mortgage market in 2008. To his great credit, McKay, who […]


With Carol, we have yet another film for which the title is just the name of the lead character. Is something a bit more imaginative too much to ask?  Putting that irritation to one side, this is everything we have come to expect from Todd Haynes. It looks ravishing, with exquisite costume design from three-time […]

Movies in the BUFF

Whilst claims that the Brisbane Underground Film Festival is “the most fun you can have in a dark room with strangers” might be overstating things just a tad, there is no doubt that this showcase provides Brisbane film lovers with a chance to check out some of the more obscure, overlooked and otherwise inaccessible films from […]

The Revenant

Brutal, barbaric, bonkers, beautiful and brilliant, Alejandro Iñárritu’s latest effort is all of this and more. With The Revenant, Iñárritu has crafted an elegantly yet violent tale of revenge set in America’s rugged north in the winter of 1823.  In development for more than 10 years with various other directors attached before Iñárritu signed on […]


It is perhaps ironic that this story of women fighting for their inalienable rights is being told on the big screen given that the film industry remains one of the most discriminatory and misogynistic industries in the western world. This is an important story that is only rendered all the more relevant by the fact […]