Unless you have been living under a rock, or perhaps serving some time in solitary confinement, you would know that the Brisbane Festival is now well and truly underway, offering myriad performances from local and international artists at numerous venues across Brisbane for the next three weeks. From music to dance to comedy to theatre to circus and everything in between, Brisbane Festival is a smorgasbord of performing arts that culminates with the annual Riverfire pyrotechnics extravaganza over the Brisbane River on September 26.

Brisbane Festival

The Brisbane Festival is a celebration of the creative and performing arts and an important component of the festival each year are free events that enable everybody to partake in the festival experience. Perhaps the biggest free initiative this year is Front Yard Music – Extended Play.  As the name suggests, these shows are an extension of the annual Front Yard Music series presented by the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Every Monday to Saturday for the duration of the festival, QPAC’s Melbourne Street Green will host a series of free musical performances.

Every night (excluding Sundays) between 5:00pm and 8:00pm will see a diverse collection of bands and artists take to the stage. Bands such as Mosman Alder, Babaganouj and Velociraptor will feature, along with artists such as Sahara Beck, Hannah Rosa, Angharad Drake, quirky double-act The Phoncurves and plenty more.

Velociraptor will feature on the final night.
Velociraptor will feature on the final night.

The full schedule of performances for Front Yard Music – Extended Play is as follows:

September 8 – Allthingslost

September 9 – Chukale + Dancers

September 10 – Chukale + Dancers

September 11 – The Wet Fish

September 12 – Eddie Gazani

September 14 – Angharad Drake + Hannah Rosa + Phoncurves

September 15 – O’ Little Sister + Meredith

September 16 – Cypher + Golden Vessel + cln.

September 17 – Chukale + Dancers

September 18 – Isabel + Aquila Young + MKO

September 19 – Charmaine Jones

September 20 – Black Indie + Fox and Fiasco + Mosman Alder

September 22 – Machine Age + Yuuca + Babaganoüj

September 23 – Coisa Linda

September 24 – Chukale + Dancers

September 25 – Neighbour + Sahara Beck

September 26 – Greg Chiapello + Big Strong Brute + Velociraptor