The Diary of a Teenage Girl

A film that addresses teenage sexuality in a way that is neither salacious nor condescending is such a rare beast, but alas, that is exactly what we have here. In what is a remarkable debut for several of the key players, The Diary of a Teenage Girl offers an honest examination of the moral and […]

Go West at GoMA

To this day the western remains one of the most popular and enduring motion picture genres. Reflecting the struggles of man against barren and unforgiving landscapes and drawing on themes such as freedom, individualism and honour, westerns have been around as long as film itself and many of the very best feature in The Western […]

Front Yard Snaps

A collection of images from the Front Yard Music – Extended Play sessions featuring Machine Age, Babaganouj, Neighbour and Sahara Beck on the QPAC green are now available in the gallery.  


Bristling with intensity, this latest offering from French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Incendies, Prisoners) is very much in the vein of Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic in that it also addresses the futility of the so-called ‘war on drugs’. This pulsating drama tracks a cabal of law enforcement officers as they set forth on a mission to restore […]

First Fiesta Artists Announced

The 2015 Valley Fiesta is just five weeks away and event organisers have released details of the first batch of artists confirmed for the annual free street party. The event, which will take place in Fortitude Valley from October 23 to 25, will feature live music, food, street art, markets and much more. Once again, […]

The Gift

Having come a long way from his days on Australian television in shows such as Police Rescue and Wildside, Joel Edgerton has now established himself as one of the myriad Australians enjoying considerable success in film and/or television in America and elsewhere, both as an actor and writer. In addition to strong on-screen performances in […]

Straight Outta Compton

As much as they are maligned as an element of storytelling, both on screen or elsewhere, the reality is that clichés are reflections of reality, no matter how contrived they may seem when we encounter them. This latest film from F Gary Gray is ripe with clichéd characters, circumstances and events, yet it is drawn […]