Established for 60 years, the World Press Photo competition has encouraged and celebrated the highest standards in photojournalism. Every year, the very best images from around the world are acknowledged and presented in a series of exhibitions that not only showcase the talents of international photojournalists but also offer an insight into the state of the world and the people within it.

Gaza Conflict by Sergey Ponomarev
Gaza Conflict by Sergey Ponomarev

The World Press Photo competition is a celebration of the power of photography to capture history and the events that shape the world. Often harrowing, but always insightful, the exhibition delivers access to tragedy and triumph from across all geographic, social, political and cultural spectrums.

The 2015 World Press Photo Competition exhibition, which includes the World Press Photo of the Year by Danish photographer Mads Nissen, is on now at Brisbane Powerhouse and continues until August 30.

World Press Photo

This exhibition serves as a powerful indictment about the state of the world and allows us access to people, places and events that might otherwise be off limits and a visit to Brisbane Powerhouse is highly recommended. To see the winning productions in the Interactive Documentary categories, click here.