Get Slammed at the Powerhouse

Slam poets take over Brisbane Powerhouse this Saturday (August 1) for the first Brisbane heat of the 2015 Australian Poetry Slam. Contestants have just two minutes to rock the mic, impress the judges and secure a spot in the final. Judges from the audience will rate each performance and the two highest scoring word wizards […]


Amy Schumer is very funny.  Her comedy skit program is bold, edgy, subversive and full of insight and hilarity that, more often than not, challenges the hegemonic hypocrisies that exist in the media industry and the broader community. She has never been one to blindly accept the status quo or kowtow to any normative notions […]

Battle Royale

By Government decree, each year a group of teenagers are selected and sent forth into the wild to do battle in a fight to the death. Each participant is provided with weapons with which to wreak their destruction as they strive to become the sole survivor. Sound familiar? This is the premise of Battle Royale […]


Given the myriad problems that have plagued this production from conception to birth – not the least of which have been numerous rewrites and a change of director – it is surprising that this film got made at all, let alone emerged as one of the best comic book adaptations of recent times. More Jules […]

Milk Factory Music

A selection of images from the Music for the Girls event at The Milk Factory on Friday night (July 17) have been posted in the gallery. The event, which featured performances from Astrid, Fieu and Rowen, raised money for One Girl, a charity organisation assisting in the provision of educational opportunities for girls in Africa.

Paper Towns

Adapted from a novel by YA writer-of-the-moment John Green and featuring model Cara Delevingne – yes, she of the magnificent eyebrows – in a key role, Paper Towns is aimed very squarely at the teen demographic. Following the success of Green’s The Fault in our Stars, which was a superior film, it seems a fair bet […]

Far from the Madding Crowd

This latest screen adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel is a film in which the cinematography ostensibly comprises three elements; innumerable close-ups of Carey Mulligan as feisty farmer Bathsheba Everdene, sweeping panoramas of the English countryside (rolling hills, spectacular sunsets and the like) and myriad moments of men standing slack-jawed and beholden to the splendour of […]