It Follows

With a distinct absence of the bloodletting, boobs and beasts that typically populate a horror film narrative, It Follows is a simple yet scary story that draws upon typical genre conventions, but does so in new and interesting ways. Director David Robert Mitchell has somehow managed to bring some fresh ideas to a genre that […]

Waxing Lyrical

A selection of images from the Waxing Lyrical session at Brisbane Powerhouse featuring Jeremy Neale and Sahara Beck have been added to the gallery and can be viewed here. .

While We’re Young

The generation gap has been the premise from which myriad motion picture narratives have been constructed.  Such films usually feature a curmudgeonly senior citizen (think Walter Matthau, Olympia Dukakis or, more recently, Bill Murray or Jane Fonda) who, somewhat begrudgingly at first, befriends some young tyke who happens into their orbit and a fabulous friendship […]


French-Canadian wunderkind Xavier Dolan is nothing if not prolific. The 26-year-old Dolan has written and directed five feature films in as many years, emerging as the darling of critics and festival audiences alike. His latest film Mommy, which shared the Jury Prize in competition at the 2014 Cannes Film festival, is a confronting journey into […]

Avabaree at Black Bear Lodge

A small selection of photos from the Black Bear Lodge show on April 9 featuring Avabaree, Machine Age and Meredith  are now in the gallery. There are only a few images as my camera and limited ability struggle in the low light atmosphere that is Black Bear Lodge.

Infinitely Polar Bear

A portrait of a family coping with mental illness, Infinitely Polar Bear is, it seems to me at least, a movie constructed with a mainstream audience very much in mind. Written and directed by Maya Forbes and apparently drawn from her own experiences as a child, Infinitely Polar Bear offers a somewhat rose-tinted view of […]