So, who are going to be the next musical stars to emerge from Brisbane?  Who fill be following in the footsteps of our most recent musical success stories?  Brisbane has been the breeding ground for so many great musicians for so many years that it is always exciting to discover the next batch of talented young music industry professionals. Well, the best place to start a journey of musical discovery is the Student Showcase at the Music Industry College in Fortitude Valley.

MIC Showcase

Music Industry College is an accredited independent senior secondary school which offers a curriculum for year 11 and 12 students that is “contextualised to suit a career in the music industry.”  Students attending the school can develop the necessary knowledge to pursue a career in the music industry, either as performers or in other capacities, such as technical, promotional, managerial or production roles. As such the teaching staff at Music Industry College bring a wide range of industry experience to their roles and includes members of bands such as The Boat People and The Winnie Coopers.

The likes of Thelma Plum and 2015 Queensland Music Awards finalist Sahara Beck are recent graduates from Music Industry College.

The first Music Industry College Student Showcase for 2015 is on Monday night (March 23) at the MIC campus at 38 Berwick Street, Fortitude Valley and entry is just $10.00.

For more information about Music Industry College, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.