Big Eyes

Whilst a far from conventional story, Big Eyes may just be the most conventional film that Tim Burton has ever made. More a movie about ego and emotional manipulation than about art, Big Eyes tells the story of painter Margaret Keane and her battle to be rightfully acknowledged as the creator of artwork for which […]

2015 Nikon Walkley Press Photography Exhibition

The Nikon Walkley Press Photography Exhibition is on now at Brisbane Powerhouse featuring images of heartbreak, triumph, jubilation and devastation from Australian photo-journalists working at home and abroad. Presented by the Walkley Foundation, the exhibition showcases the work of finalists and winners from the Nikon Walkley Awards for Excellence in Photojournalism. Selected from more than […]

Inherent Vice

There is no doubt that many will find Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest offering to be a somewhat befuddling and alienating experience, while others will no doubt embrace the madcap narrative, crazy characters and altogether strange goings-on that make Inherent Vice a truly unique motion picture. This is not a film that makes is necessarily easy […]

The Future is Now

So, who are going to be the next musical stars to emerge from Brisbane?  Who fill be following in the footsteps of our most recent musical success stories?  Brisbane has been the breeding ground for so many great musicians for so many years that it is always exciting to discover the next batch of talented […]

Top Five

Over the last few decades or so, there seems to be very few performers who have been able to successfully make the transition from stand-up or sketch comedy into motion pictures. By successfully, I mean translating the style and personality that has made them so popular in the first place into entertaining characters and narratives […]


There are some movies that, no matter how stylish and ostensibly well-made they may be, are almost instantly forgettable the moment you leave the cinema. They are enjoyable enough at the time but fail to resonate beyond the moment of consumption and the Will Smith-starring Focus is just such a film. It’s pretty enough to […]