Human Capital

The telling of stories from multiple perspectives is not new to cinema and such an approach is most effective when each ‘version’ of events not only tells/shows us something new about the person from whose perspective we are watching things play out, but also offers insight into the people around them and the broader world […]


It is hard to fathom that the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jnr have not previously made their way on to the big screen. Given the rich vein of material that King’s story offers, the lack of attention to his significant role in African-American history by filmmakers is perhaps more indicative of the […]

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Celluloid vampires have been around almost as long as film itself, dating as far back as 1896 with Georges Melies (Le Manoir Du Diable). Of course, F.W. Murnau’s 1913 telling of Nosferatu remains a landmark production and vampires have remained a staple of international movie production ever since. Interpretations of the vampire legend have been […]

What We Did on Our Holiday

A film that is far different from what you might expect given the title and the marketing material, What We Did on Our Holiday is not so much a National Lampoon-style crazy vacation comedy as it is an amusing examination of the burdens of family responsibility and how we allow our lives to get in […]

The Theory of Everything

Biographical films, even those about characters long deceased, seem to always find themselves under intense scrutiny; the veracity of the events and actions being depicted seemingly always subject to challenge and contradiction from all manner of parties. As such, The Theory of Everything is faced with the additional burden of depicting the life and times […]