The Water Diviner

Whenever I see an actor assuming the role of director, I can’t help but wonder why it is that filmmaking, and the arts more generally, seems to be an area in which people seem to think that they can take on a completely new role regardless of whether they necessarily have the requisite skills or […]

Light and Shadow

In this fantastic video, some of the world’s best cinematographers share their perspectives on the work they do and their artistic choices. It demonstrates the human element of movie making and the artistry that these people bring to each production. It also demonstrates the power of visual storytelling and provides rare access to the practitioners […]

It’s Top Ten Time Again

It is that time of year again when everybody becomes an instant expert and delivers their ‘Best Films of the Year’ list, whether we asked for it or not. In keeping with this long established, but ultimately meaningless, tradition, I too hereby proffer a list of what I believe are the best films of the […]

Nightcrawler: The Taxi Driver Homage

by Branden Wittchen Firstly I would like to apologise for this article being so late to the game. The movie press have been talking about Nightcrawler since October. Or even earlier for the ones who caught it at TIFF. Due to my current living situation (there’s only 1 cinema in town, which of course didn’t […]

St. Vincent

There are very few actors whose mere presence can make a bad film bearable and take something that is clichéd and predictable and elevate it into something eminently watchable or, dare I say, enjoyable. I mean even the considerable talents of Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender couldn’t save The Counselor from being anything more than […]

Men, Women and Children

This latest effort from Jason Reitman has certainly polarised critics and whilst Men, Women and Children isn’t a patch on Reitman’s best work, it certainly doesn’t warrant the scathing tirades that some have launched against it. Yes, the film is flawed, but there are some elements here that are both effective and insightful and there […]

Galleries Galore

Over the last few weeks, Mr C Media has uploaded image galleries from various music events around Brisbane. To see all of the latest images, simply head to the Galleries page. Galleries uploaded recently include: Sahara Beck & Amy Shark at Black Bear Lodge The Longplayer Sessions Triffid Roots City Sounds For more images form […]