The Drop

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with The Drop, either aesthetically or narratively. It is hard to fault this effort from Belgian director Michael Roskam as an example of genre filmmaking that is executed very well by all involved. The problem is, for me at least, that I just couldn’t really access the characters enough to […]

The Future of Art

Want to view the work of some of Brisbane’s best up and coming artists and designers? Want to celebrate the talents of emerging artists, filmmakers and photographers? Well, this week you have such an opportunity with the Queensland College of Art (QCA) Showcase. The 2014 QCA Showcase will take place on November 27 to 30 […]

Classic Hollywood on Show in Brisbane

A new exhibition at Museum of Brisbane should appeal to lovers of film and fashion alike. Opening tomorrow (November 22), Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood offers a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood from the 1920‘s to the 1960’s. The exhibition features a collection of costumes and props associated with the […]

Sahara Beck is the Real Deal

Forget all the pop star wannabes seeking an easy road to fame offered by the myriad reality “talent” shows that populate our television schedules. If you want to see genuinely talented singers and songwriters, you simply need to head to your nearest live music venue to catch one of the many local artists showcasing their […]

Tackling Teacher Burnout

“When you’re working in a very demanding environment, even if you are extremely passionate, you still get a mental and physical fatigue, and it affects your attitude … When you’re a teacher, your job is standing in front of kids for six hours of your day. That can be very difficult and very stressful when […]

Longplayer Finale

The final night of the Longplayer Series at The Zoo on Thursday night featured Kirsty Apps and The Shotgun Shirleys presenting their take on the debut self-titled album by the Indigo Girls before Karl S. Williams finished the night with a crowd pleasing rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Songs of Love and Hate. With the G20 […]

Two Days, One Night

Is there any actress better than Marion Cotillard at the moment? That is the first question that sprung to mind when watching Two Days, One Night, the latest offering from the Dardenne brothers in which Cotillard gives a masterful performance as Sandra, a young wife and mother who, having been debilitated with depression, finds herself […]