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Lady Gaga Songs Teach History

For those who think history is boring, maybe Lady Gaga can change their tune. Two Hawaii teachers have created music videos for YouTube that use pop songs to teach classical history. On YouTube, Hawaii residents Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona are known as the “history teachers” and their lessons, masked as music videos for chart-topping tunes, are quickly gaining views and national attention….read more

Do Students Really Have Different Learning Styles?

earning styles—the notion that each student has a particular mode by which he or she learns best, whether it’s visual, auditory or some other sense—is enormously popular. It’s also been thoroughly debunked. While students do have preferences about how they learn, the evidence shows they absorb information just as well whether or not they encounter it in their preferred mode….read more

The Truth About Bullying: How Will it Ever be Beaten if Schools Side with the Bullies?

Our 11-year-old went back to school this week. He looked nervous, a little excited, but he looked more worried than thrilled by the prospect. He would be back to the grind of learning, of homework, of academic expectation and of teachers always wanting and expecting more. That wasn’t worrying him, it was his friends that were worrying him….read more

Empowering Students Through Blogging

How many times have you heard a student ask, “How long does this paper have to be?” or “Will this be on the test?” Many students come to school with little desire to please their teachers. Grades, stickers and pizza parties are among the many forms of external motivation that create students who no longer learn purely for the love of learning. When students turn in writing to their teacher, they often don’t care if it’s good — as long as it’s good enough. But when they publish their work online, they want it to be good….read more

Limiting Our Students via Race, Class and Gender

We all have our biases — it’s an innate part of being human. The difficult part is knowing that you have them, and working on not making them a part of our classroom. We need to make sure that we grant all of our students the same opportunities as everyone else, no matter their race, class, or gender….read more

How To Add Rigor To Any Lesson, Unit or Assessment

Rigor is a fundamental piece of any learning experience. Rigor matters because it imposes cognitive load on students, forcing them to confront misconceptions, reconsider positions, separate the implicit from the explicit, and other critical thinking practices that distinguish shaky familiarity from true understanding….read more

Mental Health Lessons Cuts Illness, Stigma

Researchers from the Black Dog Institute analysed data from 208 Year 9 and 10 students from 10 schools across New South Wales who took part in the charity’s mental health literacy program HeadStrong. They compared this with students who participated in the standard secondary school PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) curriculum. Researchers found those on the HeadStrong program scored higher on a mental health literacy test than their peers….read more