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7-Step Prep: Make a Weekly Plan for You

You know what it’s like when you go grocery shopping tired, hungry, and without a list? How all of the sudden, your cart is filled with bags of potato chips and a large assortment of artichokes on sale that you’re just sure you’ll use at some point? Now think about what happens instead when you enter on a full stomach, with a meal plan and clear list in hand. Let’s apply that same clear and prepared mentality to planning for a week of your time….read more

Classroom Posters For Device Best Practices

When you bring devices of any kind into your classroom, there need to be some rules to go along with them. Establishing guidelines for your students when they’re using technology is best done early on and reinforced often – with students of all ages….read more

Five Ways to Boost Creativity in Your Classroom

Our kids come to school with a unique and different skill-set and far too often these wonderful abilities are suppressed under the weight of objectives and learning targets. What would happen if students were able to take their skills and build on the required objectives and learning targets?…read more

Using Mentor Texts to Motivate and Support Student Writers

If we want students to do something well, it helps to both tell them and show them what we expect. When it comes to writing assignments, we teachers will give students directions to write a convincing essay or draft a descriptive narrative followed by telling them how to earn a good grade on it. Many of us also hand out a rubric or criteria chart that tells all the expectations for the essay. But, with all that there is to cover and the time crunch, we may sacrifice showing them mentor texts, examples of good writing….read more

Eleven Habits of an Effective Teacher

I really appreciate teachers who are truly passionate about teaching. The teacher who wants to be an inspiration to others. The teacher who is happy with his/her job at all times. The teacher that every other child in the school would love to have. The teacher that kids remember for the rest of their lives. Are you that teacher? Read on and learn 11 effective habits of an effective teacher….read more

Ten Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

Move over, Facebook! If you teach middle or high schoolers, you know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels for teens and tweens today. And while it may not seem like it at first, there are many applications for Instagram in the classroom….read more

Classroom Rules: Free Downloadable Posters

What’s the most essential ingredient in creating a calm and peaceful classroom? It’s your classroom rules. They communicate expectations and set the tone. They also help create a predictable, stable environment that is more conducive to positive interactions….read more

Six Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Bad grammar used to be an issue for greengrocers (with their ‘apple’s’) and we’d happily sneer at their misuse of the apostrophe in plurals. The problem now is that, with digital publishing and social media, we’re all parading our own linguistic gaffes for all to see. These six basic rules will be of some use to those who play rather too freely with the rules of English….read more