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The Educator’s Ultimate Twitter Guide 2014

Most educators who learn to use Twitter effectively say they learn more from their personal learning network (PLN) on Twitter than they’ve achieved from any other forms of professional development or personal learning. Unfortunately educators often dismiss Twitter, or fail to see the value of Twitter, when they’re first introduced to Twitter. Our aim of this post is to provide all the information you need to learn how to use Twitter effectively as an educator….read more

The Digital Lives of Teens: “If You Don’t Have a Plan for Them, They Will Have a Plan for You”

For schools, the challenge is how to bring together kids’ “native” knowledge regarding technology and teachers’ pedagogical experience without entering into a tug-of-war battle that teachers will inevitably and invariably lose when technology is in the ring. If technology sits idly on the side, kids will go in their own direction, gravitating toward games and other “distractions,” and teachers will feel “gamed” by the kids. The kids will make their own plan….read more

Ways Social Media Can Improve Writing in Your Classroom

Most of us know how it feels to write an exciting Facebook status update or a powerful tweet. Without delay, we know the impact of our words as they are retweeted, commented on, and liked (or ignored.) With this in mind, it stands to reason that students want a response too. Paper essays that are only seen by the teacher with a wastebasket as their final destiny are a needless waste of time and potential. Writing can be so much more exciting and it isn’t that hard to do….read more

The Pillars Of Digital Leadership In Education

With society becoming more and more reliant on technology it is incumbent upon leaders to harness the power of digital technologies in order to create school cultures that are transparent, relevant, meaningful, engaging, and inspiring. Digital leadership is not about flashy tools, but a strategic mindset that leverages available resources to improve what we do while anticipating the changes needed to cultivate a school culture focused on engagement and achievement….read more

How Global Citizenship Is A 21st Century Skill

We’ve talked before about some of the newer skills necessary for students and teachers in the 21st century. Digital literacy – and all the elements contained within that term- is probably the buzzword you hear most often. And for good reason: today’s young students are living in a largely digital, quickly evolving world that their teachers did not have. And their world will likely become even more digital as time goes on….read more

The Four Levels Of Learning Analytics

Using data to drive learning outcomes isn’t a new concept, really. For as long as teachers have been giving students assessments, the assessments and results have been used by both students and teachers (even if only loosely) to determine how to move forward. What needs to be reviewed more? What was covered/studied well? Learning analytics takes this concept and kicks it up a notch….read more

The Habits of an Effective Teacher

I really appreciate teachers who are truly passionate about teaching. The teacher who wants to be an inspiration to others. The teacher who is happy with his/her job at all times. The teacher that every other child in the school would love to have. Are you that teacher? Read on and learn 11 effective habits of an effective teacher….read more

Shutting Teachers Up

Many years ago, before the internet, while there was still such a thing as local print journalism comprised of actual reporters writing stories about what was going on around town, a friendly newspaper editor asked me to write a monthly column about education. They wanted pieces about how education was changing, and whether teachers thought those changes were useful or disastrous….read more