It’s been a while since I compiled a list of some sort and we all know that ‘best of’ and ‘the most…’ lists are really what the internet is all about (or so it seems). So, in the interests of doing my bit to satisfy the obsessives who prowl the web looking for lists of things – anything – about which they can debate and decry amongst themselves (and anybody else who’ll indulge them), I have compiled a list of the 10 Best High School Movies. As a teacher, I thought this was the best place to start when it comes to identifying the best movies I have seen.

Breakfast Club

The list is drawn only from films that I have seen and in which high school life and/or students are the primary narrative focus. It was a difficult process narrowing the list down to 10 and the films are not listed in any particular order of preference. I could not even begin to undertake the painstaking, and ultimately pointless, task of listing them in any order of preference as they are all great for a variety of different reasons.


So, here are my selections:

The Breakfast Club
Donnie Darko
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Virgin Suicides

Now, no doubt there are many omissions that will rile a good many people so, in an effort to placate some readers at least, the following 10 films came very close to inclusion, would be worthy additions to any such list but missed out on this occasion simply due to the fact that I needed to confine the list to just 10 selections.

Pump up the Volume
Freedom Writers
Rock and Roll High School
The Last Picture Show
Pretty in Pink
Mean Girls
Rebel Without a Cause
Easy A
10 Things I Hate About You