There is less than a week until THE day of the year! Given Australia’s penchant for public holidays for any reason imaginable (including the “birthday” of some multi-millionairess from England), it baffles me that we are yet to be granted the same privilege for a celebration that truly matters. Yes, of course I am talking about Star Wars Day – May 4th. Now, this is something worth celebrating. An opportunity to recognise and reflect upon the greatest movie franchise ever created. Of course, we should never, ever lose sight of the significance of Star Wars as a cultural beacon, but May 4th allows us to come together as a nation to celebrate together and share our Star Wars experiences.

Star wars Day 2

Not only should it be a public holiday, the Government should be providing free access to screenings of all six Star Wars films in cinemas across the country. Anything less shows utter contempt for the people of Australia.

May the Fourth be with you.

Star Wars Day