The Walk in Our Shoes Festival at West End yesterday was a great initiative, celebrating acceptance of diversity among Brisbane youth, with many sharing their experiences of life in Australia through visual and written reflections. A completely free event with food, games and entertainment throughout the afternoon, the organisers are to be commended for their efforts in providing an event for people of all ages to help celebrate Youth Week 2014.


Musical performances from the artists such as Eves, Little Scout and gifted young guitarist Chris Tamwoy featured on the day, along with the Elements Collective hip-hop ensemble and other entertainers. Given the dearth of events for young people in Brisbane, it was a great shame that so few people supported the festival and helped celebrate youth week. Yes, the weather was ordinary, but the event venue adjacent to Boundary St Markets was indoors and a perfect way to spend an afternoon out of the rain.


Certainly, the organisers deserved better support but hopefully the festival will continue in the future. Perhaps greater promotion and marketing will lure more people in the coming years as events of this type are much needed in Brisbane. No doubt there will be lessons learned from this year and the 2015 event will prove a great success.


For more photos from the event, click here.