Education Update #6

Another week, another Education Update, another collection of articles and weblinks that will hopefully be of assistance for teachers of all persuasions. This week includes articles about the importance a spelling across all subjects, teaching innovation, assessing understanding, classroom management ideas, writing strategies and much more, including the importance of the arts and other so-called […]

Young and Beautiful

A carefully constructed work that reflects the style and pace of previous films from director Francois Ozon, Young and Beautiful tracks a 12-month period in the life of 17-year-old Isabelle (Marine Vacth) as she explores her sexuality by taking up the world’s oldest profession, unbeknownst to her parents or friends. Typically in films exploring young […]

Muppets Most Wanted

I think you either love The Muppets or you don’t and, as such, your response to their most recent cinematic outing is probably going to be influenced by your appreciation, or otherwise, of the various characters that populate this world. As an unabashed Muppets fan, I was ecstatic when The Muppets hit cinemas in 2011, […]

The Most Important Day of the Year?

There is less than a week until THE day of the year! Given Australia’s penchant for public holidays for any reason imaginable (including the “birthday” of some multi-millionairess from England), it baffles me that we are yet to be granted the same privilege for a celebration that truly matters. Yes, of course I am talking […]

Chinese Puzzle

As an avowed fan of both The Spanish Apartment (2002) and Russian Dolls (2005), it was with much anticipation that I awaited the arrival of the third film in the series – Chinese Puzzle – into Australian cinemas. Of course, such anticipation can often lead to disappointment, but I am pleased to report that this […]

Education Update #5

Welcome to the latest edition of Education Update, a new batch of news articles, features and teaching ideas for educators gathered from across the internet. This week includes some classroom activities and ideas to assist with teaching maths, writing and academic language. There are also articles addressing issues such as connecting with students, believing in […]

The Importance of The Arts in Education

Teachers and students have long known the benefits of arts education, whether it be formal teaching and learning in specific subjects such as Art, Music, Drama, Dance or Media, or whether incorporating arts into more traditional ‘academic’ subject areas such as Maths and Science. The problem is, of course, that school administrators and the education […]