The UR{BNE} Festival proved a considerable disappointment with little activity in the festival zone and few people in attendance during the day yesterday. It was particularly disheartening to see so few people on hand to catch a great set by Sahara Beck, who played for the best part of two hours in the Commissariat Store Courtyard. Her set included some great originals with some eclectic covers thrown in, including Don McLean’s Vincent and Vance Joy’s Riptide.

There just simply weren’t enough activities and events on during the day and a distinct lack of marketing/promotion must have played a role in the small crowds. The festival, which takes place in a under-utilised and unappreciated part of the city, is a great concept and the amount of space available in the festival zone lends itself to all manner of activities and events, so hopefully we will see the festivities beefed up in the years ahead. Admittedly, I didn’t stick around for Saturday night’s activities, so maybe that is when things got interesting.



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