The Wolf of Wall Street

Watching The Wolf of Wall Street, I was continually awaiting those moments of debauchery that, according to so much of what I have read, are excessive and, according to some pundits, gratuitous. Well, I must have been watching a different movie altogether because none of the goings-on that I witnessed were much different from the […]

Inside Llewyn Davis

With Inside Llewyn Davis, Joel and Ethan Cohen have skewered the romanticism so often embedded in tales of the folk music scene of the 1960’s. The titular Davis is a hapless folk singer clinging to the remnants of a career – if you could call it that, given that he has absolutely nothing to show […]


Thank god for filmmakers like Spike Jonze. At a time when more and more movie releases are becoming more and more predictable in the hands of paint-by-numbers directors, along comes Jonze to dispense with the formulaic and offer up something completely different. With Her, Jonze has constructed a captivating, unconventional love story in which Joaquin […]

This Looks Pretty Cool

Regardless of what the rest of the movie might be like, the first three minutes alone look pretty awesome. Check out the video from Indiewire here: Wetlands – First Three Minutes I have included the trailer below and it all looks pretty fuckin’ cool. Of course, a great trailer and a great opening few minutes […]

The Book Thief

In what may be the most saccharine exploration of the German experience in WW2 ever committed to film, The Book Thief plays more like a television movie-of-the-week than a truly engaging cinematic experience. Based on the immensely popular and acclaimed novel of the same name by Australian author Markus Zusak, The Book Thief is clearly […]

My Best Reads of 2013

Books, remember them, that combination of paper and ink that has been enjoyed by millions of people for hundreds of years? Containing characters, paragraphs, passages and pages that have brought entertainment and enlightenment to the masses, books transcend cultures, time and place. I’m talking about the real thing of course, not the so-called e-book or […]

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

The weight of expectation was always going to be a burden for any film that dared follow in the footsteps of hit comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and, as such, it is difficult to disassociate oneself from the fervour surrounding the sequel – Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. Whilst the first film didn’t […]