Christmas Morning

It is the season after all, so here are some visions of Christmas morning in the style of various celebrated filmmakers. Save your quibbles and simply enjoy. A Creative Productions production by Fourgroundsmediainc

Movies by Moonlight

The Moonlight Cinema season is well underway in Brisbane, with an array of new release and classic films scheduled for screening under the stars in New Farm Park. The season kicked off on December 12, but runs through until February 23 with sessions scheduled each week from Wednesday to Sunday (except Christmas Day) on the […]

The Real Top Ten of 2013

So, what are the ten best movies of 2013? Well, everybody else has had their say, so now it’s my turn. Now, obviously I haven’t seen every film released in Australia this year, but my top ten list is drawn from the 80+ movies I watched on a cinema screen this year. DVD viewings don’t […]

Closed Circuit

A somewhat sedate conspiracy thriller, Closed Circuit is the latest on-screen outing for Australia’s Eric Bana, who has also taken a hands-on role in distributing the film in his home territory. The film starts, literally, with a bang when a series of split-screen CCTV images – each one a separate drama within a crowded London […]

American Hustle

Sometimes movies arrive in Australian cinemas on the back of intense critical acclaim and it can be difficult to reconcile the hyperbole with the reality of what you see. Often it seems that the involvement of a flavour-of-the-month director or the procurement of several A-list stars automatically renders the film something special regardless of whether […]

Night Train to Lisbon

Whilst a controversial figure at times away from the screen, there is no doubt that Academy Award-winning Brit Jeremy Irons is possessed with considerable talent as an actor, whose willingness to take on provocative roles (Claus von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune or Humbert Humbert in the remake of Lolita, for example) has also seen […]

The Spectacular Now

It is perhaps, partly at least, the failure of so many filmmakers to capture the teenage experience with any sense of accuracy or compassion that makes The Spectacular Now such a treat. This is a terrific film that presents a refreshingly realistic portrayal of adolescence that will no doubt strike a chord with many viewers. […]