The opportunity to teach young people is an absolute privilege and I will always appreciate being afforded such an opportunity. Few jobs allow you to make a difference in the lives of others and every day spent in the classroom is a pleasurable one. Yes, there are frustrations with the bureaucracy that often seems hell bent on hindering your ability to do your job properly and is often completely clueless with regard to what is best for your students, but the pleasures the job brings outweigh such obstacles. It is always exciting to go to work as a teacher, so anybody who gets to do this for a living should cherish every moment and always remember how lucky they are.

Days like today are nice as I guess it is good to have your efforts acknowledged, recognised and appreciated, but the greatest reward we can receive is the success and happiness our students enjoy through school and beyond, knowing we perhaps played some small role. There are triumphs and tragedies that go hand-in-hand with such a job, but I cannot think of any other career where even the very worst days will always have moments that inspire and motivate you and make you realise that there is nothing else you could do that is as satisfying. There are times when you laugh and there are times when you cry, but there are so many jobs that make you feel nothing at all that I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.

World Teachers Day