Check out the full pilot episode of Sarah Silverman’s sitcom Susan 313. The series never progressed beyond this pilot and, whilst it is easy to see why a network might not take a chance on a show such as this, it is still better than some of the drivel we see on television at the moment. In fact, this is far from Silverman at her absolute best, but she is worth watching in anything. As a stand-up comedian Silverman uses satirical comedy to address social taboos and controversial topics such as racism, sexism, religion and social values – “I don’t care if you think I’m racist. I just want you to think I’m thin.”

She has always been very open about many aspects of her life, including her lifelong battle with clinical depression. Silverman has an extensive presence on You Tube and elsewhere online and is one of the most interesting, provocative and genuinely funny contemporary female comedians.

Her previous sitcom The Sarah Silverman Program ran for three years and Silverman has also featured on television in Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show and films such as School of Rock, Take this Waltz and Wreck-It Ralph.

Her use of foul language and social satire has seen her compared to the likes Lenny Bruce and she has certainly never been afraid to court controversy due to her willingness to skewer anybody and anything that she feels deserves such treatment.

Basically, Sarah Silverman is pretty fucking amazing, so check out her sitcom pilot and then take the time to appreciate her wider body of work – if you dare.