Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. When he is good, he demonstrates supreme skill as an actor, but when he is bad, Hanks can be downright annoying to the point of being insufferable. Standout turns in the likes of Philadelphia and Saving Private Ryan […]

About Time

Richard Curtis might just be the most romantic man in the world. After all, the 57-year-old Brit has written and/or directed several of the most successful romantic comedies to adorn cinema screens over the last 20 or so years. As a writer, Curtis started his career on television comedies such as Not the Nine O’Clock […]

Time to Get High

This weekend (Saturday, November 2), Backbone Youth Arts presents the 2013 2High Festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse. This multi-arts festival is a free all-ages event that features interactive and dynamic displays of visual art, music and performance. The 2High Festival provides opportunities for young and up-and-coming artists to showcase their creative works. Artworks, theatre performances, […]

Mystery Road

Despite the fact that the merest mention of Australian films to anybody other than the most informed of film viewers will usually be met with eye-rolls of derision, this country continues to produce a cinematic output of the highest standard. It is no coincidence that so many Australians are working in Hollywood and elsewhere overseas […]

World Teachers Day

The opportunity to teach young people is an absolute privilege and I will always appreciate being afforded such an opportunity. Few jobs allow you to make a difference in the lives of others and every day spent in the classroom is a pleasurable one. Yes, there are frustrations with the bureaucracy that often seems hell […]


It has been suggested that Prisoners is nothing more than a genre piece; an extended episode of Criminal Minds or Law and Order or any of the other police procedurals that pockmark the weekly television schedule, albeit with better acting and higher production values. Furthermore, it has been said that Prisoners is simply another opportunity […]

Sarah Silverman Sitcom Pilot

Check out the full pilot episode of Sarah Silverman’s sitcom Susan 313. The series never progressed beyond this pilot and, whilst it is easy to see why a network might not take a chance on a show such as this, it is still better than some of the drivel we see on television at the […]