Hullabaloo Youth Festival

This Wednesday, October 3, the Hullabaloo Youth Festival is on at Stafford on Brisbane’s northside from 1:00pm until 6:00pm. Musical artists on the bill include Button Factory, Lauren Napier, Tryumph, Erin Reus and Ellie Starr-Nolan. There will be an Open Mic from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and there will also be a range of other entertainment […]

New Talent Unearthed

At a time when so much music is either the result of televised karaoke competitions (X Factor, Idol, The Voice etc) or manufactured artists of dubious merit (One Direction) or from singers whose media profile outstrips their talent (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus et al), the Triple J Unearthed High Muck Up Day at the Brisbane […]

The East

Despite its many qualities, it isn’t surprising that The East has failed to secure anything but a very limited release in Australian cinemas. This intelligent, well-crafted espionage thriller lacks the excesses that seem so necessary to attract audiences in large numbers these days, namely exotic locations, sex, violence, special effects, elaborate action sequences and explosions […]

Cinema for Young People

The schedule of screenings for the BIFF Gen Next International Film Festival for Young People has been released, with a diverse selection of films from Australia and overseas. Along with the likes of The Rocket and Satellite Boy, which have already been released in cinemas in Australia, there are feature films, shorts and documentaries from […]

The Rocket

Set and filmed in a country that has no real film industry to speak of, the fact that The Rocket has even been made should be cause enough for celebration. The fact that it is such a finely crafted and highly polished production is a remarkable achievement. An Australian production filmed on location primarily in […]

Muck Up Day Music

This Saturday (September 28), talented young musicians will take the stage for Triple J Muck Up Day at the Brisbane Powerhouse. The gig will feature Lunatics on Pogo Sicks, the winners of the 2013 Triple J Unearthed High competition, along with fellow Unearthed High finalists Cypher and Vancouver Sleep Clinic . Returning to The Powerhouse […]

Education Matters

The last week or so has seen several education-related issues appearing within the mainstream news media and it has certainly been interesting watching how these issues have been addressed. Education, schooling and the safety of young people are topics that appear regularly in the media, almost always in superficial, sensationalistic ways. This week, schools and […]