Craig Coombes is suffering from Cancer and unfortunately it is terminal. Instead of sitting back and wallowing in his plight he has decided to make what remains of his life the best times of his life. He also encourages others to not wait until bad things happen to them before they appreciate life and take on things that they might otherwise shy away from. Craig’s philosophy is to get out of your comfort zone and give anything a go.

Backing up his words with actions, Craig created Naked Tuesday “to show that he, and his family, are OK with where he’s at, that he’s OK with his body, that he’s OK with what others might think, and that it’s OK for you to get out of your comfort zone”.

Craig has recently appeared on Adam Hills Tonight and The NRL Footy Show and is encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone and join him on Naked Tuesday. Check out the website at and send in your own submission for Naked Tuesday to show support for Craig.

What could be better than getting naked for fun and a good cause?