I have deliberately titled this Part 1 because no doubt there will be many more things that I can’t stand that will be revealed in due course. Some people just make it so easy to hate.

Reality TV: What has become of our world when people by the millions are watching the sheer banality that is reality television? Are we really that stupid as a race that we willingly accept and embrace this as a legitimate form of entertainment? God help us all.

Ed Hardy: Anybody who wears anything adorned with any Ed Hardy motif is a douchebag. Enough said.

Homophobes: Whether it be those who openly abuse and vilify homosexuals, whether it be those who think it’s okay to use ‘That’s gay’ or ‘You’re gay’ as an insult, whether it’s those who oppose gay marriage or whether it’s those who like to preface their opinions with ‘I have no problem with gay people, but…”. Such bigoted narrow-mindedness is pathetic and it is those who possess such attitudes and espouse such views that make the world such a fucked-up place, rather than those they seek to demonise.

Liars: Unfortunately, in my experience, this seems to be almost everybody. Why can’t people just be honest all the time?

Illegal downloading: How stupid must you be not to realise that stealing music, music or television programs can only have a negative impact on the industry? Alternatively, these fuckwits just don’t care and therefore deserve all the bad things that happen to them.

Wowsers and puritans: Everybody should be free to do whatever the fuck they want if it doesn’t hurt anybody else without having to endure any kind of moral judgement from anybody else. If you don’t like the way somebody lives their life, that’s fine, just shut the fuck up about it and do your own thing. The only exception to this is passing judgement on those who wear Ed Hardy, because they are douchebags.

Commercial radio: Further evidence of the stupidity of the populous. Why would anybody have such little self-respect to willingly spend time listening to the endless mindless sameness that is commercial radio. From the presenters to the music to the advertising, it is all completely interchangeable and utterly devoid of originality. People who wear Ed Hardy are likely to love commercial radio, which pretty much says it all.

Bandwagoners: I can’t stand those people who, completely devoid of any original ideas of their own, jump on the bandwagon whenever something ‘new’ comes along. Think planking, using stupid terms like YOLO or wearing Ed Hardy and you get what I mean. Of course, the first person to do these things is the biggest tool of all, but it is of great concern that so many people seem so desperate to follow. How lame.

Parents: Why are so many parents so fucked in the head? Being a parent is the single most important role that somebody can assume and yet is pretty much the only thing that anybody is allowed to do that requires no training or qualifications. Furthermore, there are no real requirements that they do it well. What hope have young people got when, in so many cases, their parents are complete dickheads.

Excessive Rules: New rules, laws and regulations are constantly being created to protect the stupid from themselves. Why do we want to do that? Sensible, intelligent people know right from wrong and can behave in a safe, sensible, honest manner without the need to be told what is acceptable and what isn’t. The morons of the world just make life harder for the rest of us.