The Look of Love

Michael Winterbottom is, without doubt, one of the most interesting contemporary filmmakers, having crafted great films such as Welcome to Sarajevo, A Mighty Heart, Genova and The Killer Inside Me. Love him or hate him, it cannot be denied that he has always been willing to push the envelope in the themes and stylistic approaches […]

World War Z

There is no doubt that World War Z was a pet project for Brad Pitt. The actor acquired the rights to the novel (written by Max Brooks) through his production company Plan B Entertainment, subsequently serving as a Producer as well as taking on the leading role in the zombie action film. Directed by Marc […]

Farewell, My Queen

Marie Antoinette is a controversial figure whose ignorance, arrogance and decadence have been documented on screen several times before. However, Farewell My Queen attempts to humanise Antoinette to some extent, focussing on her relationship with servant Sidonie (Lea Seydoux) and her friendship with Duchess Gabrielle de Polignac (Virginie Ledoyen). Whilst Diane Kruger is fine as […]

10 Things I Hate……Part 1

I have deliberately titled this Part 1 because no doubt there will be many more things that I can’t stand that will be revealed in due course. Some people just make it so easy to hate. Reality TV: What has become of our world when people by the millions are watching the sheer banality that […]

Hypocrisy and dishonesty abounds in Queensland schools

Across all of the Queensland schools in which I have worked, there have been a myriad of differences in the way in which schools are run with wide variances in policy and action across a multitude of curriculum, pedagogical and administrative practices and expectations. However, the one area of common ground that I have encountered […]

The Great Gatsby

Despite being swathed in Baz Luhrmann’s signature flamboyance, or perhaps because of it, The Great Gatsby is a somewhat disappointing experience. Tackling such a canonical novel was always fraught with danger but, given his success updating Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there was every reason to believe that Luhrmann might do the same for what is […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

You don’t need to be familiar with Star Trek to get something out of J.J. Abrams’ latest incarnation of the iconic sci-fi series because Star Trek Into Darkness, whilst referential to characters and events from previous films, works perfectly well as stand-alone piece of cinema. Whilst the characters are the same and the Starship Enterprise […]