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I have always found myself with a lot to say about pretty much everything and I have decided it is time for an outlet through which I can vent my frustrations with the world.  I do not suffer fools gladly and this blog is my avenue to expunge my pent up frustrations with all that is wrong with the world.  Amidst my tirades and random ponderings, maybe there will be something here that amuses, enlightens or angers you; any of which is fine.   I don’t expect everybody to agree with everything (or anything ) I say. After all, somebody has to be wrong, so it may as well be you. 

I am a teacher who is passionate about education and I will be sharing opinions and anecdotes from my experience in the classroom, exploring everything that is good, bad and ugly about the the education system here in Queensland, Australia. I love working with young people and helping them realise their full potential. I don’t like having to constantly battle against the forces (bureaucrats, parents etc) that seem hell bent on making school anything but the safe, enjoyable, enlightening and educational experience it should be. 

I enjoy photography and I may share my somewhat mediocre efforts with you on here from time to time.  However, to get a headstart on the haters, I know my limitations and I am certainly not one of these pretentious “I’m a genius and if you don’t like my art you obviously just don’t understand” wankers whose ineptitude is only outweighed by their over-inflated sense of their own ability.  I take photos of things I like.  They aren’t masterpieces but they mean something to me and I enjoy taking them.  Simple really.

I have lived in Brisbane almost my entire life, although I have travelled extensively around Australia and overseas as well.  I have seen this city transform from hick town to vibrant metropolis and I am no longer embarrassed to say I am from Brisbane.  I particularly love the vibrant, bohemian inner-city locales such as Fortitude Valley, New Farm and West End.  As time goes by, I will no doubt share recollections, regrets and ruminations on my experiences and interactions with this city.  

I will also offer my thoughts, opinions and expertise on all things media, arts and popular culture, so keep an eye on the Reviews page.

So strap in and hold on because, in the words of Karen Carpenter, “we’ve only just begun”.

Mr C

Our Education System