The teenage love story never ends well…

As a teacher, I am quick to mock high school romances and denounce them as nonsensical. I mean, the idea that teenagers think they are in love is just ridiculous, isn’t it? Certainly, the amount of drama that it creates on a daily business is beyond belief. The tears and tantrums from teenage girls every […]

A Place for Me

There are some elements of A Place for Me that fall into the trap of Hollywood genre cliché, but this is not enough to derail what is another otherwise thoroughly enjoyable debut feature from director Josh Boone. No CGI or special effects needed here to tell what is a somewhat simple but mostly engaging story […]

The Place Beyond the Pines

Despite its undeniable qualities, The Place Beyond the Pines will no doubt leave many viewers disappointed.  They shouldn’t be dissatisfied with the performances from any of the key players in this expansive narrative, nor should they be disappointed with the direction from Derek Cianfrance, however they may come away frustrated that the movie they have […]

Let’s talk about sex…

 When are we going to get serious in the way we engage with young people about sex and sexuality?  News Flash: young people are having sex!  It is happening younger than ever before and with so much ready access to negative depictions of sex and sexual behaviour through the internet and digital communications, it beggars […]

NAPLAN is no plan

If we are talking education, we might as well start with the elephant in the room; in thousands of classrooms across the country actually.  This is the beast that is NAPLAN.  This week students around Australia will be subjected to this supposed guide to the literacy and numeracy ability of students in grades 3, 5, […]

It starts now…

Welcome to Mr C says… I have always found myself with a lot to say about pretty much everything and I have decided it is time for an outlet through which I can vent my frustrations with the world.  I do not suffer fools gladly and this blog is my avenue to expunge my pent up […]