Festival Snaps

With the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games having come to an end, so to has the Festival 2018 program that saw free music and arts events across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and North Queensland. The live music program featured performances from the likes of Amy Shark, Sahara Beck, Airling, Regurgitator, Jeremy Neale and Bob Evans […]

A Quiet Place

Billed as a horror film, this third directorial effort from The Office alumni John Krasinski is more a suspenseful sci-fi drama that posits an interesting predicament for those eking out an existence in a post-apocalyptic society. Every day for the Abbott family is one that requires great care and attention to detail in everything they […]

Festival Begins

Whilst the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games brings worldwide exposure and tourism dollars to Queensland and the opportunity for Australia to thrash 50+ mostly poorer nations in various sporting events over the course of 12 days, it is Festival 2018 running in conjunction with the games that should have arts and music lovers excited. A feast of free entertainment including live music, […]

Ismael’s Ghosts

There is the promise of three or four good movies in Ismael’s Ghosts, but in trying to meld so many potentially interesting narrative ideas into one, director Arnaud Desplechin has ultimately produced something that lacks cohesiveness and overstays its welcome without ever offering any kind of resolution to anything. There is certainly nothing straightforward in […]

The Death of Stalin

Anybody familiar with the work of Armando Iannucchi will know what to expect with this latest offering from the Scottish writer/director whose penchant for political satire is perhaps unparalleled amongst contemporary piss-takers. Having created, written and/or produced the likes of Alan Partridge, The Thick of It and Veep for television, The Death of Stalin is […]


Hot on the heels of Ladybird comes this French coming-of-age story that mines some of the same territory explored by Greta Gerwig in her Academy Award-nominated effort before veering off into something quite unique and distinctly European. Helmed by first-time feature director Léa Mysius, Ava is a stylish, accomplished exploration of mother-daughter relationships and teenage […]

Valley Crawl

In addition to a new look to the Mr C website, we are in the process up updating our galleries with images from the various music and cultural events staged across Brisbane and surrounding areas in recent months. The first collection of images comes from the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, the free music festival staged […]