American Folk

Sure, another movie with ‘American’ in the title hardly inspires confidence but, with only a small budget and no big-name stars to speak of, first-time feature director David Heinz has somehow crafted a delightfully deft examination of America in the immediate aftermath of the World Trade Centre attacks, told via a road trip by two […]


What director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody get so right in their latest collaboration is articulating the way that having children ruins your life. They destroy you physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically, leaving you as nothing more than a quivering shadow of your former self. That is not to say they do this deliberately, […]


Whilst the opportunity to see this as a free one-off screening as part of the Curious Affection program at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) Cinemateque is a very welcome development for Brisbane movie fans, it defies belief that Netflix never made a concerted effort to secure a wider cinematic release. This is a […]

Isle of Dogs

Having enjoyed critical and commercial success with Fantastic Mr Fox (2009), it was perhaps inevitable that Wes Anderson would revisit that stop-motion animation style that earned him an Academy Award nomination. This latest work from the indie darling utilises the same techniques to tell a story that falls flat despite being infused with all the […]

Avengers: Infinity War

Apparently, this latest instalment in the Marvel money making machine is the culmination of the 18 films that have preceded it, which obviously makes for high expectations from comic book geeks the world over.  As such, Infinity War brings together the various characters who populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe (with a couple of notable exceptions […]

Timetables – The Enemy of Creativity

Originally posted on Educationed:
I’m writing this while sitting next to two students who are editing a short film. One just turned to the other, and in an expression of pure joy, exclaimed, “OMG! I literally have goosebumps right now!”, in reference to her creation. More on this later… Currently, the vast majority of my students…

I Feel Pretty

Whilst this latest Amy Schumer vehicle is never going to be remembered as a comedy classic, or the damning critique of societal superficiality surrounding body image that perhaps the makers intended, it is thankfully much better than the trailer leads us to believe. It is not the first film that has had its box office […]